101 Essential Chinese Movies by Simon Fowler

Author: Simon Fowler
Binding: Paperback - New
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This book is an authoritative list of the greatest Mainland Chinese movies, covering a wide range of genres: explosive kung-fu epics, tragic leftist melodrama, chest-thumping propaganda films and more. With detailed descriptions of each selection and countless recommendations for further viewing, this is the perfect introduction to China's rich cinematic tradition for film buffs, students and casual viewers alike.

About Simon Fowler

Simon Fowler originally hails from England and has lived in Beijing since 2006. A voracious consumer of films and self-confessed cinematic obsessive, he began his exploration of Mainland Chinese cinema soon after arriving, and was named film editor of Time Out Beijing in 2008. His favourite non-Chinese films include Kind Hearts and Coronets, If - and Fletch.

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