A Little House Collection : The First Five Novels by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Binding: Hardcover - Rare

That little girl was Laura Ingalls, and she had many adventures with her family and their beloved dog, Jack, as they traveled across the American frontier. From the Big Woods they set out in a covered wagon for a new life. They first lived on the prairie in Kansas, then on the banks of a creek in Minnesota, and finally as homesteaders near a lake in the Dakota Territory. Pioneer life was challenging and difficult, but it was also exciting as they met neighbors, built cabins, planted fields for crops, and made each new place home.

And while Laura Ingalls was growing up on the western prairie, a young farmer boy named Almanzo Wilder was having adventures of his own, far away in New York State.

The first five original Little House books, completely unabridged, have been brought together in this exquisite full-color volume, illustrated by Garth Williams. These award-winning timeless treasures will continue to capture the hearts of readers for generations to come.


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