Aesops Illustrated Fables (Leatherbound Classic Collection) by Aesop

Author: Aesop
Binding: Leather Bound
534.000₫ 890.000₫
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Aesop's Illustrated Fables features more than 400 fables, beautifully illustrated with engravings and colour plates by Arthur Rackham, Walter Crane, and Ernest Griset. It includes all of the classic fables whose titles and morals have become part of our common cultural vocabulary, among them The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Tortoise and the Hare, The City Mouse and the Country Mouse, The Dog in the Manger, and The Fox and the Grapes. Part fairy tale, part fantasy story, part parable with a lesson to impart, each of these fables is a polished gem of storytelling craft whose lustre never dulls.

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