Amphoto's Complete Book of Photography : How to Improve Your Pictures with a Film or Digital Camera

Author: Various
Binding: Paperback - New
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This indispensable reference guide gives amateur photographers everything they need to know to take their photography to the next level no matter what kind of camera they use - from low end and high end point and shoot cameras to SLRs (single lens reflex), traditional, and digital cameras. Designed to be as comprehensive as it is easy to use, this book is organized into the genres most popular with both amateur and professional photographers - sports and action, travel, pets, zoos, wildlife, close-up and macro, flowers, landscape, aerials, and underwater. Activities are color-coded so that readers can skip around to exercises specific to their camera level, and instructive, yet attractive "before" and "after" photographs give the reader solid, visual comparisons to the tricks and techniques necessary to go from taking "nice" pictures to "wow" images.

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