Brilliant Memory Training : Stop worrying about your memory and start using it - to the full! by Jonathan Hancock

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Whether it's preparing for the big event like an exam, an important presentation at work, or simply remember this week's shopping list, Brilliant Memory Training will help you stop worrying about your memory and start using it to the full. Combining ancient techniques with the very latestresearch, this book reveals the crucial role played bymemory in every aspect of daily life and provides astep-by-step guide to using it better.

Brilliant Outcomes:

Increase your memory and remember anything you set your mind on

Boost your confidence and stretch your creativity

Learn new skills and improve old ones

Be confident in social situations by remembering names, faces and personal facts

About Jonathan Hancock

Jonathan Hancock is a graduate of Oxford University, a double Guinness World Record-breaker and former World Memory Champion, and the author of nine books on memory and learning. He has demonstrated his learning techniques on numerous radio and TV programmes. In 2008 he joined forces with The Learning Skills Foundation to become Founder of The Junior Memory Championship, the first national memory competition for primary-school children. He is preparing to launch The Senior Memory Championship.

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