Cook yourself sexy easy, delicious recipes for the hottest, most confident you

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Skinny jeans. A clingy LBD. Certain outfits just scream s-e-x-y. But as former model-turned-chef Candice Kumai knows, true sexiness is not what you put on - it's what's underneath. Sexy isn't in your closet. It's in your kitchen! "Cook Yourself Sexy" offers delicious, indulgent recipes guaranteed to make your mouth water and slim you down. There are no fad diets or gimmicks here - Candice shows you how to ditch imitation products for the real thing and make smart swaps to cut calories without sacrificing flavor. And by packing each meal with "Foods With Benefits," she ensures that every enticing bite provides the key nutrients your body craves to stay healthy and look amazing. From decadent French toast and mac' and cheese to guilt-free burgers and crispy sweet potato fries, Candice proves that you can have your cake - Dark Chocolate Rose Petal Cake, to be exact - and eat it, too! With over 100 delicious, affordable, easy-to-prepare recipes, and a "Sexy in Seven Days" jumpstart plan, you'll soon be on your way to rocking a gorgeous body and enjoying your food. And nothing is sexier than a woman who's confident inside and out.
Candice also shares essential tips every sexy chef should know, including go-to weeknight meals, how to stock your pantry for maximum pleasure, and super easy ways to burn more calories even when you're not cooking (hint, hint!). Her smart, fun advice and irresistible recipes make "Cook Yourself Sexy" the ultimate guide to your hottest, healthiest self ever.

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