Creative Space Journal by

Author: Lucy Irving
Binding: Paperback
168.000₫ 280.000₫
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Take an inspiring journey into creativity with this imaginative journal. Do something creative--and let your inventiveness flourish. The prompts in this beautifully illustrated guided journal will help you reflect, enhance and change your mood as you fill the space with thoughts, stories, pictures, and photographs. Organized to reflect your headspace--happy, sad, angry, relaxed, playful, bored, wired, or sleepy--it lets you tick off your adventures as you write, list, draw, paint, fold, glue, dream, and scheme. Create a fingerprint pet for every day of the week or an A to Z list of things that make you smile. "Time travel" by imagining a specific moment in the future when you will remember the very experience you're living now. Scribble furiously and add facial features to the doodle to produce an angry character. And throughout, "breathing space" pages encourage you to take five minutes away from the world to record your innermost thoughts. As you play around and free your mind, who knows what incredible things you might come up with?

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