Creators on Creating (New Consciousness Reader) by Frank Barron

Author: Frank Barron
Binding: Paperback - New
176.400₫ 294.000₫

Within the pages of Creators on Creating lies an impressively diverse collection of writings by world-famous artists, musicians, writers, scientists, and filmmakers who have provided us with joy, illumination, and profundity through their craft. In this anthology we learn how they foster and harness the power behind their awesome gift, and we comprehend the responsibility that accompanies it. Richard Feynman and Annie Dillard relate how they opened their minds to new insights, paths, and trajectories, and Federico Fellini and Henry Miller shed light on the passion that drove their creativity. Mary Shelley and Michel Foucault describe how they used their imagination to challenge existing assumptions, customs, and orders; Maya Angelou, Brian Eno, and Tony Kushner tell of the wisdom they garnered by working within a creative ecology of people, ideas, and experiences; Leonardo da Vinci and Frank Zappa reveal how they balanced freedom and exploration with hard work and mastery of their craft; and Laurence Olivier and Karen Finley give us the "courage to go naked." Inspirational and insightful, practical and idealistic, this collection is an invitation to engage some of the world's most artistic and ingenious people in a rewarding dialogue.

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