Crimes Against My Brother by David Adams Richards

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A brilliant, heartbreaking novel from a Canadian icon that tackles the theme of debt, and what we owe each other, through three unforgettable characters. This is Richards' best and most complex work since his Giller-winning Mercy Among the Children, and a fitting companion to that novel. 
     Howard, Evan and Ian are inseparable as boys--so much so that one night, abandoned in the forest by the careless adults around them, and raging against society and the uncaring gods others worship, they seal their undying brotherhood with a blood bond. But soon after, a horrific accident scars each of them in a different way, testing their bonds and leaving each with a debt to be paid. As adults, seeking to rise above debt and advance in life, each man decides upon a very different path--but over time, all three discover they are tied to each other in intricately tangled, sometimes violent, and surprising ways that none of them has been wise enough to foresee.
     In Crimes Against My Brother, literary legend David Adams Richards is at his finest, reprising some of his most complex and beloved characters (such as Sydney Henderson from Mercy Among the Children), introducing unforgettable new ones (such as the beautiful but fatally foolish Annette Brideau; and the wily, charming, money-hungry manipulator Lonnie Sullivan), and weaving a tale of such force, gravitas, complexity, universality, and compassionate understanding that he reaffirms his status as a master storyteller who has, book by book, used his rare genius to create an entire, teeming universe alongside a river in a small northern part of the world.

About David Adams Richards

DAVID ADAMS RICHARDS is the author of numerous acclaimed and prize-winning novels, including Incidents in The Life of Markus Paul, which was published to rave reviews; The Lost Highway, which was nominated for the Governor General's Literary Award for Fiction and the Scotiabank Giller Prize in 2008; The Friends of Meager Fortune, which won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Best Book; and Mercy Among the Children, which won the 2000 Giller Prize and was a finalist for the GG and the Trillium Award. He is also the author of the celebrated Miramichi Trilogy: Nights Below Station Street, winner of the Governor General's Literary Award; Evening Snow Will Bring Such Peace, winner of the Canadian Authors Association Award; and For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down. The author lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

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