Exploring Hue: Heritage of the Nguyen Dynasty Heartland by Tim Doling

Author: Tim Doling
Binding: Paperback - New
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Exploring Huế - Heritage of the Nguyen Dynasty Heartland Over 520 pages long and packed with useful maps and images, Exploring Huế takes visitors on a journey of discovery through the ancient Nguyễn dynasty heartland of Thừa Thiên Huế province. The first detailed English language heritage tourism guidebook to this area, Exploring Huế takes in over 500 years of Nguyễn dynasty history, affording an opportunity to view and learn about the rich surviving built heritage associated with the nine Nguyễn lords and 13 Nguyễn emperors, their queens, princes, princesses and mandarins. It also introduces the Chinese heritage of Bao Vinh-Địa Linh and Gia Hội, the architecture of the French town south of the river, relics of the American War era, and the cultural traditions of the regions ethnic minority groups. Visitors can choose from 23 different tours, covering Huế city and the provinces six districts and two district-level subdivisions.


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