Fantasy Creatures / Drawing: Learn to Draw Step by Step (How to Draw and Paint)

Binding: Paperback
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Clear, step-by-step instructions for drawing a range of fantasy creatures from trolls and orcs to gargoyles and fairiesFantasy is enjoying huge popularity today, thanks to popular films and books such as "Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings"-and kids and adults alike just can't seem to get enough of it! This new addition to our best-selling How to Draw and Paint Series offers clear, easy-to-understand instructions for drawing popular fantasy creatures such as trolls, goblins, pixies, and orcs. In addition, readers will learn the fine points of distinguishing between fairies and pixies (as well as the difference between goblins and hobgoblins) and will discover helpful hints for realistically rendering the two-headed ettin-a valuable skill everyone should have.

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