Farewell My Concubine: A Novel by Lilian Lee

Author: Lilian Lee
Binding: Paperback - New
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Beginning amid the decadent glamour of China in the 1930s and ending in the 1980s in Hong Kong, this brilliant novel, which formed the basis for the award-winning movie, is the passionate story of an opera student who falls in love with his best friend, and the beautiful woman who comes between them. The story of a male Beijing opera star, his love for another male singer, and the beautiful courtesan who comes between them sweeps through five decades of Chinese history, from the decadent 1930s to the present day. 35,000 first printing. $25,000 ad/promo.

""Farewell My Concubine" remains endearing and sensitive in its portrayal of the delicate relationships of the protagonists while scathingly indicting the revolution and its effect on the art and culture of China . . . A refreshing divergence from the often redundant offerings in the world of Western literature." -- "Seattle Herald""A compelling story . . . made all the more so by sharp dialogue and disturbingly vivid description. Evenly paced and with a deft touch for the intricacies of human relationships, it's the quintessential epic romance." -- "AsiaWeek""Lee is an expert in blurring the borders that exist between fantasy and reality, art and life." -- "Lambda Book Report""The story is one of unrequited love and betrayal. This book should be consumedlike a cultural feast." -- "Stuff" magazine"Lee paints her story in broad, effective strokes, evoking vivid images.The book's sobering refrain--that there is 'nowhere to hide' from the tragedy of life--plays gracefully throughout the narrative." -- "Virginia Pilot and Star Ledger""Has the sweep and pang of a novel that keeps you up reading till dawn, then lives in your dreams."-- "Time



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