Green & Black's Chocolate Recipes, Revised Edition From the Cacao Pod to Cookies, Desserts, and Savory Dishes

Binding: Paperback
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The ultimate chocolate cookbook from Green & Black's is filled with recipes to tempt, tease and torment lovers of this food of the gods. Chocolate inspires many moods and so the chapters include Abracadabra (quick and easy recipes), Wicked (those irresistible concoctions) and Magic (recipes that will amaze and seduce you). Woven into the book are stories about the history and myths of chocolate and its cultivation and production, as well as tips for handling and cooking. With recipe photographs plus location pictures of the organic cocoa plantations in Belize, Green & Black's Chocolate Recipes is a veritable feast for all the senses.

From the Publisher:

"Inside the cocoa bean lies every chocolate lover's holy grail. Bursting with 400 different flavor compounds, chocolate comes in many seductive guises, sweet and savory, simple and sophisticated. Renowned makers of luxury organic chocolate, Green & Black's explore them all in this sumptuous cookbook that unwraps the mystique and allure of chocolate and tempts you through an assortment of chocolate-inspired moods: Magical recipes for glamorous entertaining, Melting for light and fruity ideas and Wicked for those truly irresistible concoctions."

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