Happiness Internship – Happier in Two Weeks

Author: Be Bright
Binding: Paperback - New
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This book is in Vietnamese.

The idea of happiness has been studied for thousands of years. In fact, the idea of a “life well lived” stems as far back as Aristotle’s concept of Eudaemonia from about 400 years BC. While thousands of years ago Aristotle already was teaching about living a virtuous life, today’s stressful life increases our needs for truly understanding and applying the concepts of Eudaemonia, while decreasing the time we have for attaining it.

Bright collected the advise from numerous philosophers, teachers, inspirational speakers and others to create a 14-day journey of living happier. A book, full of smart little stories to read, inspiring quotes, and exercises to do.

This unique workbook not only will teach you all the happiness basics, but also serve as a beautiful keepsake of your own journey to happier living that you can read back later and remember what you’ve learned and what you chose to improve in your life.

Over 150 pages of learnings, inspiration and exercises.
Includes a 14-day “gratefulness journal.”

This book is in Vietnamese.


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