How to Work a Room : The Ultimate Guide to Making Lasting Connections--In Person and Online by Susan RoAne

Author: Susan RoAne
Binding: Paperback - New

Fully revised and updated, the ground-breaking, classic book on improving communication and socializing skills in any situation to succeed in business and life

Have you ever walked into a roomful of strangers and felt uncomfortable? If the answer is yes, you're not alone! Over 85% of American adults feel the same way. The solution: How to Work a Room, the fully revised Silver Anniversary edition, which has sold over 1.2 million copies worldwide. Drawing from her vast experiences working with top industry leaders such as Coca-Cola, Apple, the NFL, and UnitedHealth, Susan RoAne presents easy-to-implement strategies to exude more confidence, win over your colleagues, and achieve more. Simple and effective, you'll learn how to:

approach someone you don't know, in person or online
remember names (and what to do if you don't)
start, maintain, and end conversations... graciously
use humor, and when not to do so
follow simple but often unspoken rules of etiquette

and more!

If you hope to make a stronger impression, get more use out of your professional connections, or turn a new acquaintance into a valued, long-lasting relationship, How to Work a Room is the vital tool for succeeding in business and life.

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The classic bestseller on socializing--now fully updated for social interactions in a digital age

How to Work a Room(R) is the classic bestselling book on improving communication and socializing skills, and using them to create and leverage connections. This Silver Anniversary Edition is fully revised and updated to include the role of technology and social media in networking, as well as Susan RoAne's proven tips for using digital strategies to your advantage--plus practical hints for starting conversations and strengthening rapport with strangers. How to Work a Room(R) The 25th Anniversary Edition is a vital tool for business professionals, job seekers and career changers of all ages.

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