Inside Intel : Andy Grove And the Rise of the World's Most Powerful Chip Company by Tim Jackson

Author: Tim Jackson
Binding: Paperback - New
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Named one of the Best Business Books of 1997 by Business Week, Inside Intel is the gripping business saga of a company that rose to dominance through technological innovation, and maintained its leadership against competitors through aggressive marketing, tough business tactics, and liberal use of legal firepower.

About Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson is a former journalist (The Economist, The Financial Times) and the founder of online auction service He is a senior adviser at Carlyle Internet Partners Europe, and he currently leads Lean Investments, a seed fund which invests in Internet and other technology startups. He is the author of Inside Intel: Andy Grove and the Rise of the World's Most Powerful Chip Company, Richard Branson, Virgin King: Inside Richard Branson's Business Empire, and Turning Japanese: The Fight for Industrial Control of the New Europe.

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