Irving vs. Irving : Canada's Feuding Billionaires and the Stories They Won't Tell

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A Remarkable, ambitious family, a business empire, an da media monopoly.

They are Canada’s third wealthiest family, the fifth-largest private landowner in the U.S.A. They have a monopoly on New Brunswick’s English-language print media and billions of dollars in offshore accounts.

They are the Irvings. And they have always placed a premium on discretion and family unity. They built their empire—which includes Canada’s largest refinery, soon to be linked by pipeline to Alberta’s oil fields—by remaining private. Irving vs. Irving tells the story of how these ambitious, often ruthless entrepreneurs came to dominate the economic and political affairs of Atlantic Canada, and how they learned to love the property that perplexed them most: their media monopoly.

The Irvings’ control of all of New Brunswick’s English daily newspapers often allowed the family’s business pursuits to escape journalistic scrutiny. Readers frequently wondered what wasn’t in the newspaper, such as the Irving’s lobbying for their logging interests and the sinking of their tanker loaded with PCBs.

In Irving vs. Irving, veteran reporter Jacques Poitras uses the empire’s media holdings to examine previously untold episodes of this family epic from patriarch K.C. Irving’s manipulation of his mother’s affections to a Shakespearean confrontation between generations.

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