Jane Eyre (Signature Classics) by Charlotte Bronte

Binding: Hardback
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Jane Eyre has long been one of the most popular of all literary classics. It tells the moving and eventful story of Jane, an orphan entrusted to the care of her aunt by her dying uncle. The aunt cares greatly for her own children, on whom she lavishes praise and attention, but dislikes Jane, whom she ignores and punishes unfairly. Jane escapes by being sent to a strict Evangelical school where, despite the austerities of the environment, she finally meets pupils and teachers who nurture and encourage her. From there she goes to work as a governess at a large country mansion, where she falls in love with the mysterious master of the house, the Byronic Mr Rochester, a charismatic character with a troubled past. Part fairy tale, part Gothic horror, part love story, Jane Eyre is the archetypal account of an orphans progress through a confusing and often cruel world.


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