Manga Art by Ashe Raven / May Li

Author: Ashe Raven
Binding: Paperback - New

Easel Does It: Manga Art takes a subject with which Western audiences may not be too familiar and explains, in lucid and easy to follow text, and logical step-by-step diagrams, how to draw in this exciting and innovative style.

An introduction explains the comparatively recent origins of manga in Japanese culture, and its current impact on artists and animators in the West. A section then follows with precise instructions on the various materials required, and the range of techniques the manga artist will need to perfect, such as sketching the saucer-shaped eyes, small nose and mouth, and androgynous body; and building up layers of color to create areas of light and shade, and adding detail, with colored markers.

The remainder of the book is devoted to ten individual projects, each one focusing on easily-recognizable manga characters. The projects start off with instruction on drawing basic figures such as a young girl and boy, progress through characters in combat, and then turn to the creatures, monsters, or robots which inhabit typical manga landscapes. The final projects look at perhaps the most popular use of manga characters in comic strips, and also posters.

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