Mr. and Mrs. Smith by Cathy East Dubowski

Binding: Paperback - New

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt star in a slick romantic adventure comedy in the vein of True Lies and Prizzi's Honor.

After winning free sessions with a marriage counsellor as a grab–bag gift at a suburban holiday party, a young couple discovers that they're in a dead–end marriage. But that's not all they discover – unbeknown to the other, each spouse is a covert assassin working at a rival agency, and their next assignment is to kill each other! This book tells their wild story as each confides it to their therapist.

Jane Smith is On charming the sexy successful.. And intelligent. A rare Sheet combination of domestic goddess and savvy businesswoman Although she and her equally perfect husband seem to be the ideal couple. the spark has faded from their marriage. That is. until they win free sessions with a counselor. What they keep hidden from their therapist and each other. they confide in the journals they've been coaxed to keep. Jane and John Smith are actually hired assassins working for rival organizations - and their next assignments are ... each other! And so begins the kind of cat-and-mouse game that attracted Jane to John in the first place - a roulette dangereuse that ...

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