Rhett Butler's People by Donald McCaig

Binding: Hardcover - New
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Rhett Butlers People is the long-awaited novel based on the great American novel Gone With the Wind. Twelve years in the making, Rhett Butler's People marks a major and historic cultural event for millions of Gone With the Wind readers, complementing and adding new dimensions to its timeless story.Through the storytelling mastery of award-winning writer Donald McCaig, the life and times ot the enigmatic Rhett Butler unfold. Meet Rhett as a boy, a free spirit who loved the marshes and tidewaters of the Low Country, and learn of the ruthlessness of his father, whose desire for control resulted in unspeakable tragedy. Through Rhett's eyes, you will also meet the people who shaped him in other ways: the Overseer's daughter, Belle Watling; Rhett's have and determined sister, Rosemary: Tunis Bonneau, the son of freed slaves - Rhett's childhood friend who understood him like no one else; Jack Ravanel, whose name became inextricably linked to heartbreak.And then, of course, there is Scarlett, Karie Scarlett O'Hara, the headstrong, passionate woman whose life is entwined with Rhett's: more like him than she cares to admit; more in love with him than she'll ever know.Rhett Butler's People, brought to vivid and authentic life by the hand of a master, fulfills the dreams of those whose imaginations have been indelibly marked by Gone With the Wind.



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