Screenwriting for Storytellers: Creating an A-List Screenplay That Sells by Kate Wright

Author: Kate Wright
Binding: Paperback - New
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While most screenwriting books focus on format and structure, Kate Wright explains how to put story at the center of a screenplay. A compelling story, complete with intriguing characters and situations created with these screenwriting tricks of the trade can become a box office blockbuster film. Screenwriters will learn: - Developing themes within the plot 
- Using structure to define the story 
- Creating memorable characters 
- Establishing moral dilemmas and conflicts 
- Achieving classic elements of storytelling in a three-act dramatic structure 
- Mastering different genres 

About Kate Wright

Kate Wright is an Emmy Award-winning producer and screenwriter with more than 20 years of experience. Ms. Wright is a Senior Instructor at UCLA Extension's internationally known Writers Program where she teaches "Script Doctoring: Rewriting for Production" and "Writing the Screenplay the Professional Way."

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