So Far, So Good : The First 94 Years by Roy R. Neuberger

Binding: Hardcover - New
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Notorious as one of Wall Street's oldest living legends, Roy Neuberger delivers a truthful and interesting account of his extraordinary life. Focusing on his start in the market from seven months before the 1929 crash, up to the 1987 crash, till today, he shares his 93 years of experience as a market sage. Neuberger also paints a wonderful picture of his love of contemporary art and his role in the art world, his donations to museums throughout the country of hundreds of pieces worth tens of millions.

About Roy R. Neuberger

ROY R. NEUBERGER founded the $50 billion money management firm of Neuberger&Berman in 1939. In 1950, he established the Guardian Mutual Fund, one of the first no-load mutual funds. In his 68 years on the Street, he has never had a losing year.

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