Successful Business Process Management: What You Need to Know to Get Results by Paula K. Berman

Binding: Hardcover - New

Companies--especially more complex organizations--require standard, documented processes and procedures to achieve high levels of quality and productivity. Too few, and inefficiency ensues; too many, and creativity is stifled.

Yet it can be difficult to find training on process improvement--and the range of complicated tools available could make even the most experienced professional's head spin. Successful Business Process Management fills the gap, providing a succinct, accessible overview of the field. Step-by-step instructions explain how to:

Overcome resistance and apathy to standard procedures

Take a systematic rather than ad hoc approach to process management

Design key processes and capture them in documented procedures

Revise existing processes when feasible

Roll out the changes so people know what to do

Embed them in the organization for reliable outcomes

Process management serves as a structural framework for streamlining activities and creating smooth workflows. Get it right--neither overly rigid nor under developed--and an outflow of continuous improvements will drive long-term success.

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