The Making of Viet Nam by Ha Van Tan

Author: Ha Van Tan
Binding: Paperback - New
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Việt Nam's story begins with the first king, King Duong, who ruled over a vast territory in the south called Xích Quỷ (Sacred Dragon), king of the lake Dongding. A son was born to the couple and was named Sùng Lãm, who later became king and took the name of Lạc Long Quân (King Dragon of the Land of Lạc). His wife, Âu Cơ, gave birth to a sac containing one hundred eggs from which one hundred babies, all male, were born. One day, Lạc Long Quân told Âu Có: "I'm descendedfrom dragons, you're descended from fairies. We're as incompatible as fire and water. It would be difficult to continue in harmony". This being siad, husband and wife parted. The husband went seawards, followed by fifty of the children, the wife went towards the mountains, followed by the rest.

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