The Concubine's Children : The Story of a Family Living on Two Sides of the Globe by Denise Chong

Author: Denise Chong
Binding: Paperback - New
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After Chan Sam, a Chinese peasant, left his homeland to seek his fortune in the New World, he sent for a young concubine to live with him. In "The Concubine's Children," Denise Chong tells her family's story, woven together from letters, photographs, and memories to create an unsentimental portrait of a family living on different sides of the globe.

About Denise Chong

Denise Chong is an award-winning and internationally published author. "The Girl in the Picture" was a finalist for the Governor General s Literary Award, as was her memoir, "The Concubine s Children." She lives in Ottawa with her husband and two children."

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