The Portable Film School: Everything You'd Learn in Film School Without Ever Going to Class by D. B. Gilles

Author: D. B. Gilles
Binding: Paperback - New
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The Portable Film School is a private tutorial from an instructor at one of the nation's most prestigious film schools. D.B. Gilles explains the fundamental skills and techniques of screenwriting and making a short film arming you with the two calling cards you'll need to break into Hollywood - without having spent the tuition or a minute in a classroom. 

D.B. Gilles, author of The Screenwriter Within, has taught in the Undergraduate Film & Television Department at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts for fifteen years. He has also taught in NYU's Department of Dramatic Writing and in the Graduate Film Department at Columbia University. Many of his former students have been finalists in screenwriting contests, gotten deals, sold scripts and directed films. He has written for the stage, screen and TV and is a member of the Writers Guild of America.

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