The Right to Brand by Yasmin Merican

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The Right to Brand is the black book of branding. It is the first book written on brand building experiences from an emerging market in Asia over a decade of research and learning. One case study is the building of the Techron brand, the first fuel to be branded in Malaysia (ahead of Shell's V-Power and before the global branding of the unleaded fuel by Chevron Corporation in the USA from the mid-1990s). The book documents how petroleum retailer, Caltex Oil Malaysia (now Chevron Malaysia) achieved brand leadership in the resistant ULG (unleaded gasoline) market in less than a year, rapidly wresting power from market leaders Shell, Esso, national oil corporation Petronas, BP and Mobil through new brand-driven thinking and capabilities. Leading the Techron branding and other brand efforts in the country is author, brand practitioner and former global partner of the Ernst & Young consulting practice, Yasmin Merican, who over the past decade has researched brand practices between local and multinational businesses in her home country, Malaysia. She contends that branding is serious business for those with the knowhow, the reason for the 'black book', where the ability to extract and grow economic value from the often overlooked mission-critical process is unequal between the branded and the unbranded of the world. While global brand expertise continue to question the lack of cohesive brand thinking even within mature markets, this book focuses on the fundamentals of getting it right in emerging markets, where brand knowledge and experiences are generally still not sufficiently deep. It describes the prevalent practice of downstream branding (marketing, advertising, communications, design and customer management processes) which disperses brand impact in the absence of upstream branding (leadership commitment, knowledge, policies, investments, skills and measures) at the majority of local organisations. With financial accounting standards capturing brand value only on acquisition and not the equity being created as investments are being made in the brand, billions of dollars are spent nationally each year on fragmented downstream brand activities without the anchor of the equally important upstream drivers of the brand. Not integrating downstream with upstream brand processes reduces the competitiveness of local businesses as they compete with the branded at home and overseas. The book is divided into five parts: method, design, execution, learning and expert interviews with ten leading practitioners in brand-related disciplines from Malaysia and around the region.

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