Too Good To Fail? : Why Management Gets it Wrong and How You Can Get It Right by Jan Filochowski

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Business leaders the world over are hardwired to focus on success. But what if understanding failure is the real secret behind enduring performance?

In Too Good To Fail?, Jan Filochowski turns his twenty years' experience as a CEO and turnaround specialist into practical advice for business managers.

About Jan Filochowski

Jan Filochowski is the CEO of Great Ormond Street Hospital. He has spent over 35 years in healthcare-related management, the first 10 as a policymaker in government and the next 25 running large organisations - mainly hospitals - interspersed with periods in academia and as a turnaround specialist and trouble-shooter in the National Health Service.

As a trouble-shooter, he worked with 30 to 40 organisations who were in difficulty or in deep failure. He has helped diagnose the root causes of their problems and guided them back to organisational health and achievement.

During his practitioner career, Jan has also been a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University and an NHS University Fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School.

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