Total Quality Management in Action by Howard S. Gitlow / Shelly J. Gitlow

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Quality Management is coming of age in the United States. It's time to put theory into practice. The most frequently asked questions about "Total Quality Management" are: "How do we start?" and "How do we do it?" Now, from the authors of the best-selling The Deming Guide to Quality and Competitive Position comes Total Quality Management in Action. This timely volume presents an integrated approach that explains the theory while providing a step-by-step method for putting it into practice. The Gitlows' model is based on W. Edwards Deming's theoretical "System of Profound Knowledge" and the empirical "Total Quality Control" of the Japanese.

Many Americans--and American businesspeople in particular--have acknowledged the fact that quality in America has degenerated to a frighteningly low level--while Japan and other countries have marched on successfully. Yet, despite reading books on quality, hiring consultants, and attending seminars, they have been unable to make the necessary changes. This volume provides an exceptionally straightforward and practical approach to the most commonly asked questions in relation to quality management--How do we start?, How do we do it? It follows a fictional character, Chuck Champion, C.E.O of Cosmic Candy--a typical American manager, as he wakes up to the need for Quality Management, and triumphs by studying and integrating the theory of quality management and applicable techniques. KEY TOPICS: Presents an integrated model based on Dr. Deming's theory of management and Japanese Total Quality Control. Provides insight and prescriptions for starting and pursuing a quality management effort, using a structured, systematic approach.

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