The Good Wizard's Castle

Author: Judy Day
Binding: Paperback
311.400₫ 519.000₫

The Good Wizard's Castle is a book about a young boy named Jay who lives in an orphanage He wants so badly to know who his family was and to find a new family. The orphanage that he lives in is located near the woods. In the woods is a large beautiful castle that was said to have originally belonged to a good wizard who still lives near the castle. When the wizard lived in the castle he was thought to have spread magic and it is believed that he continues to do so. The castle belongs to a man named Oscar and he lives there with his three cats and two Samoyed dogs. The castle is also watched over by the wisest of owls and the kindest of white wolves. Judy hopes that, as you read about Jay and the castle you will find examples of kindness, beauty, mystery and the importance of believing.

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