Wonders of the World: Atlas of the Most Spectacular Monuments

Binding: Hardcover
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This book is an atlas, dedicated to present some of the most famous monuments in the world. The idea is to tell the story of each building in the most captivating way. To realize this purpose, the story is told by a famous character who is involved in the tale or in the legend or is related to the place where the monument is located.

The style of the narrated text also changes according to the profession of the person telling the story that each
time, can be poetic, fairy or more technical. Therefore each building, perfect illustrated by marvellous drawings by Giulia Lombardo, is presented differently according to the most interesting aspect of its history, considering what can be more attractive for children.

For every monument, kids will find practical information, such as, the length or the height of the building, etc, and some very attractive short curiosities, funny facts, or features that will catch the attention of the reader.


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