Power Habits: A Motivational Journal to Track Small Changes That Create Big Wins

Author: Jon Moore
Binding: Flexibound
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Reach your goals without overhauling your life.

Power up the habits to create the life you want. Jon Moore's Power Habits is your resource to make quick work of big goals by optimizing your invisible routines. Use this planner to assess what you want to achieve and track the small, nearly imperceptible changes that will move you toward the finish line. Check off these daily no-brainers on simple tracking pages, jot down notes and motivations that keep you going throughout the week, and watch your success roll in. As time goes on, decide which habits help you level up and ditch the ones that don’t. Make your Power Habits work for you.

- Boost easy, positive habits for incremental change
- Create goals for your mind, body, heart, and personal ambition
- Track your small changes and win big


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