Speed Read Ferrari: The History, Technology and Design Behind Italy's Legendary Automaker

Author: Speed Read
Binding: Paperback
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This beautifully designed and illustrated essential guide to Ferrari from Motorbooks' Speed Read series celebrates the world's premier performance-car manufacturer, from the first complete car Enzo Ferrari constructed in 1940--the Auto Avio Costruzioni--to masterpieces produced by Ferrari today.

Author Preston Lerner covers 50-plus aspects key to understanding Ferrari's amazing history, including both racing and production cars, design and technology, and the personal histories of key figures. In sections divided by topic, you'll explore the story of Ferrari's founding; descriptions and critiques of over 25 different Ferrari models, including the milestone racers, lust-inspiring road cars, and dominating F1, sports, and prototype racecars; profiles of the most famous Ferrari drivers; recaps of Ferrari's most memorable racing wins; and a survey of all the stylists, coachbuilders, engineers, salesmen, and executives who have contributed to Ferrari's success.

Each section ends with a glossary of related terms, and informational sidebars provide fun facts, historical tidbits, and mini-bios of key people in Ferrari history. Sleek illustrations of the cars bring the evolution of the company to life.

With Motorbooks' Speed Read series, become an instant expert in a range of fast-moving subjects, from Formula 1 racing to the Tour de France. Accessible language, compartmentalized sections, fact-filled sidebars, glossaries of key terms, and event timelines deliver quick access to insider knowledge. Their brightly colored covers, modern design, pop art-inspired illustrations, and handy size make them perfect on-the-go reads.


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