The Madness of Crowds : Gender, Race and Identity

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An excellent take on the lunacy affecting much of the world today. Douglas is one of the bright lights that could lead us out of the darkness. - Joe Rogan

Douglas Murray fights the good fight for freedom of speech ... A truthful look at today's most divisive issues - Jordan B. Peterson

Are we living through the great derangement of our times?

In The Madness of Crowds Douglas Murray investigates the dangers of 'woke' culture and the rise of identity politics. In lively, razor-sharp prose he examines the most controversial issues of our moment: sexuality, gender, technology and race, with interludes on the Marxist foundations of 'wokeness', the impact of tech and how, in an increasingly online culture, we must relearn the ability to forgive.

One of the few writers who dares to counter the prevailing view and question the dramatic changes in our society - from gender reassignment for children to the impact of transgender rights on women - Murray's penetrating book clears a path of sanity through the fog of our modern predicament.


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