The Stoic Path

Author: Epictetus
Binding: Paperback
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Potent wisdom from the one of the greatest Stoic philosophers

The Stoic Path is your essential guide to a better life. Countless leaders, athletes, and thinkers have been shaped by the tenants of Stoicism, with its rational acceptance of the present moment and uncompromising insistence on virtue. The principles that form the backbone of Stoic thought are timeless―offering a refreshingly honest clarity to the complexity of modern life.

The Stoic Path is a collection of the wisdom of Epictetus, one of the greatest Stoic philosophers of antiquity. Hastings Crossley translated the original text from Greek and compiled Epictetus’s most potent wisdom to create an accessible, compelling distillation of stoic thought. Originally published as The Golden Sayings of Epictetus, this new edition has been redesigned to appeal to today’s reader while maintaining the authenticity of the original translation.


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